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Gerber Knives
Mail order sales will require a declaration that
the purchaser is over 18 years old
600 Pro ScoutMulti Tool £74-95
Gerber Scout 02Gerber Scout
Suspension Multi Tool. £42-99
Gerber Suspension
Vise & Tempo Torch. £22-99
Gerber Radius
Bear Grylls Fire Starter Kit £14-99
Bear Grylls Fire Starter
Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
With Fire Starter £69-99
Gerber Bear Gryls Ultimate
LMR £177-99
Gerber LHR
Yari II Tanto £174-99
Gerber LHR
Prodigy £64-99
Gerber Prodigy
Harsey Hunter £74-99
Harsey Hunter
Big Rock Camp Knife £34-95
Big Rock Camp Knife
Guardian Back Up £59-95
Gerber Compact
Gerber MK II £113-95
Gerber MK II
Freeman Exchange a Blade £76-95
Freeman Excange a blade
Freeman Caper £34-95
Freeman Caper
Brush Cutter £45-95
Gerber Brush Cutter
Bear Grylls Compact Parang £42-95
Compact Parang
Gator Machete Jr £24-95
Gator Machete Jr
Metolious E-Z Open £34-95
Metolius EZ Opener
BSA Gerber £64-95
BSA Gerber
Metolious E-Z Open £34-95
Metolius EZ Opener
Strap Cutter Black £27-95
Strap Cutter Black
Strap Cutter Olive £27-95
Strap Cutter Olive