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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
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Buffalo River re chargeable hand held lamp 49-95
Buffalo Cree 540
Buffalo River re chargeable hand held lamp 42-95
Buffalo River Coil Lead
Buffalo River Lithium battery pack 12 Volt 4 Amp hour79-95
Buffalo River Battery
Cluelite Pistol Light 54-95
Cluelite Pistol
Clu Briter 52-95
Clu Briter
Cluelite Clubman Kit 149-95
Cluelite CB2
Cluelite Lazerlite 59-95
Lazerlite LA4
Cluelite Shootalite Kit 119-95
Clueson Shooter lite kit
Cluelite Mini Lazer Gun Light Rechargable Package 124-95
Cluelite Mini Lazer
Range-Lite Gun Lamp Kit 84-95
Range Lite
Cluelight Pro Scanner 3000 Comes with three 18650 LI-ION
batteries and charger 129-95
Cluelight 3000
Laser Genetics ND3 Subzero green laser designator 189-95
Lightforce PRED9X 275-00
Lightforce PRED6X 115-00
Wildhunter Lithium-Ion 12 Volt
10 Amp Hour Battery and Charger 125-00
Wildhunter 10AH
Wildhunter Lithium-Ion 12 Volt
15 Amp Hour Battery and Charger 145-00
Wildhunter 15AH