15 Cat Hill, East Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN4 8HG
Opening Hours 9:30 to 6:00 Lunch 1:00 till 2:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
020 8440 2974
Air pistols must be collected in person.
Photo ID with proof of address will be required.
Mail order sales can be delivered to your local licenced dealer for collection
with their prior agreement. They may make a charge for this service.
New Co2 Powered BB Air Pistols Price
4.5mm BB Rusian made Baikal Makarov MP-654K £175-00
Baikal Makerov
4.5mm BB Gletcher Jerico 941 New £99-95
Gletcher 941
4.5mm BB Crossman PFM16 Ex Reps Sample £65-00
Crossman PFM16 RHCrossman PFM16 LH
4.5mm BB Colt 1911 Special Combat 19 shot magazine Used £100-00
Colt SPECIAL combat RHColt SPECIAL combat LH
4.5mm BB Colt SAA Antique Finish New £145-00
Colt SAA Antique
-4.5mm BB Colt Python 4" Stainless Comes with 6 Cartridges
and a speed loader New
Colt Python
4.5mm BB Legends Makarov New £189-00
Makarov Legend
4.5mm BB Legends Mauser C96 Light Weight New £89-00
Legends C96 LW
4.5mm BB Tanfoglio Gold Custom
Tanfoglio Gold Custm RHTanfoglio Gold Custm LH
4.5mm BB Umarex X.B.G Tac Kit 19 shot Red Dot Sight
Folding Stock New
Umarex Tac Kit
4.5mm BB Umarex T.D.P. £59-95
Racegun set 01
4.5mm BB Umarex T.D.P.45 Tac Pro With Laser Sight New £59-95
4.5mm BB Umarex Race Gun Set Open Sights New £159-95
Racegun set 01
4.5mm BB Umarex Race Gun Set Red Dot sight New £119-95
Racegun Set 02
4.5mm BB Webley & Scott MKVI Smooth barrel BB £160-00
Webley MKVIP