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.44" Colt Dragoon 3rd Model 3rd Generation
from the mid 1970s
Colt Dragoon RH Colt Dragoon LH
.45"/.44" Ruger Old Army Stainless in factory plastic case
Number and Proof indicates year of manufacture as 1997
Ruger Old Army RHRuger Old Army LH
.45"/.44" Ruger Old Army Target Stainless
Number indicates year of manufacture as 1977
Ruger 3302 RHRuger 3302 LH
.45"/.44" Ruger Old Army in factory plastic case
Proof date 1997
Ruger Old Army Blue RHRuger Old Army Blue LH

Uberti Anvil Nitro Conversion

Anvil Uberti Nitro RHAnvil Uberti Nitro RH
.577" Parker-Hale 1861 Artillery Carbine £425-00
Parker-Hale 1861 RH
Parker-Hale 1861 LH