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.223" Rem Mossberg MVP 18.5" 1:9 Twist 10 Shot PMAG S/C 1/2x28 £675-00
Mossberg MVP RH
Mossberg MVP LH
.223" Rem Mossberg MVP Varmint 24" 1:9 Twist 10 Shot MAG S/C 1/2x20 £645-00
Mossberg Varminter RH
Mossberg Varminter LH
6.5 Creedmore Bergara B14 HMR Varmint
24" Heavy barrel Target Practical Rifle.
Comes with MDT style 5 Shot magazine
and will use 10 shot AICS magazines.
This rifle uses Remington 700 scope mounts.
and the action has the same footprint as the Remington 700 so will fit any after market stock
for the Remington.Screw cut 18x1
Bergara 6.5 RH
Bergara 6.5 LH
.308" Win Browning X Bolt MDT HS3 Chassis Stock
5 Round Mag, Takes AICS Magazines
1:10 24" Fluted barrel with muzzle break
18x1 thread, 2 Picatiny side rails.
Browning X Bolt MDT RH
Browning X Bolt MDT LH
.308" Win Remington 700 fitted with a NEW SAKO TRG
24" barrel 18x1 thread
Remington 700 TRG RH
Remington 700 TRG LH
.308" Win Tikka T3X Tac A1, 10 Round Mag, fully adjustable folding
stock. 24" barrel and muzzle break on 5/8 by 24 thread
Tikka T3 Tac RH
Tikka T3 Tac LH
.308" Win Remington 700 LEI De Lisle
14" Stainless Barrel, 1:10 Rifling
Fully Moderated with Nikko Stirling 4-24x44 Target Master in a McMillan Stock
Remington LEI De Lisle
LEI Remington LH
.308" Win Remington 700 DM Varmint
in The Ultimate Varmint stock
with Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 LR/T Scope
Remington 700 DM RH
Remington 700 DM LH
.308" Remington 700 SPS Fluted Stainless screw cut
Fitted with a Reflex T8 and a Bushnell 3.5-10x40
Rem 700 Stainless RH
Rem 700 Stainless LH
.308" Remington 700. Armalon Fluted Barrel with Indexed Muzzle break, AICS stock converted to take M14 Mags, 1x10 Round
and 3x 20 Round Mags, Timmney Trigger and
Accuracy International Target Butt Plate with
spacers and 20 MOA? Picatiny Rail
Armalon 700 Custom
Armalon 700 Custom LH
.308" Styer Tactical £795-00
Styer Tac RH
Styer Tac LH
.308" Styer SSG69 Police Screw cut 18x1 with Parker-Hale Bi Pod £895-00
Styer SSG69 Police RH
Styer SSG69 Police LH
.300" Win
Remington 700 Sendero II,
Two 5 Shot Accuracy International magazines,
Badger Ordnance mag well, Timney Trigger,
screw cut 18x1 and fitted with Nightforce
20 MOA Picatiny rail
Sondero 300 RH
Sondero 300 LH
.44" Marlin 1894 with Bushmaster 3-9x42


Marlin 1894 44 RH
Marlin 1894 44 LH
.44" Mag Marlin 1894S Microgrove Rifleing Simmons 3-9x40 £750-00
Marlin 1894S RH
Marlin 1894S LH